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Tattoo is a trendy fashion nowadays. Basically, young generations are really mad at the tattoo.Tattoo is a permanent mark on our skin made through Ink and needles. Once the ink installed in the 2nd layer of our skin it called dermis. When the wound scabs up the skin heals up and a design displays under a new layer.

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In the market, you can find different kinds of tattoos. But not all the tattoos are popular. You can find Traditional, Water colour, Tribal, New School / Nu Skool, Neo-Traditional, Japanese, Dotwork or African map tattoo. Among these tattoo, you can try The African Map tattoo. As you know Africa is the second largest continent with 2nd largest population. Body art or tattoo is very popular in this part of the world. History of tattooing in Africa is 5000 years old. In the early era, is was treated as medicinal or spiritual qualities. But now most of the tattoos are been printed for style and decoration.

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Most of the people put map tattoo on their skin to show respect to their country. People uses African map tattoo also for that reason. It can be attached to the art of wild animals like lion, tiger, the elephant which represent their love for wildlife of Africa. They also attached tree, flower to show their respect to wildlife.

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