All About African Lion Tattoo Designs

It is quite amazing when you hear a lion roar. The sound that they make is undeniably very frightening and deafening. For thousands of years, the lion has been worshiped for its courage, strength, and power. Lions have been found throughout many different cultures representing these very attributes.

African Lion Tattoo

Often, when people decide to get a lion tattoo design, they usually go for a realistic looking one. You can get a lion that looks calm and peaceful, or you can get one that looks mean as it bears its teeth in a thunderous roar. A good artist will be able to provide you with a realistic looking lion design in any pose that you desire.

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When it comes to getting your lion tattoo inked, size is really up to you. You may decide to get just the Lions head done in a small size on the part of your arm. Or you may choose to get a whole lion body done up that spans across your entire back. With lion tattoos the size is just dependent on you and what you are looking.

If you want to get a African lion tattoo that is more intricate you can have the lion pictured in a natural habitat.

African lion tattoos can be a very effective way of producing a symbol of power and strength. They are breathtaking looking animals, yet very dangerous at the same time. So with the right design and the right artist, you can be well on your way to displaying this symbol of courage and strength on your skin. You will be in good company since the lion has stood for those two things for thousands of years already.

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Images of African Lion Tattoo

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  1. Dee

    I`m guite impressed with the artwork number six. I bet it took a while to design it… It`s nice to look at but i doubt it i would ever get it inked on my skin as i prefer something more abstract for myself. 😉

  2. Natalie

    The sixth lion tattoo (from the top) appealed to me the most. Old woman holding a lion looks really impressive.

  3. Mary

    These tattoos are so cool! Especially beautiful it looks on the hands:) I think I like it!

  4. Mike

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